"And I got my hands up, they're playing my song, I know I'm gonna be ok. Yeah, it's a party at the CSA, yeah, it's a party with the CSA"
- "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus adapted for the CSA by Fr. Keith Cervine

We love the opportunity to kick back and relax and celebrate, well just about anything! God is so good to us and wants us to love life, and we do! Just about once a month we try to have a big party or gathering, so keep a look out on the calendar. There is always plenty of food and good times to be had for all! Here's some stuff we do every year:


Candy, Candy, Candy, pumpkin carving and candy. Can we help it that we are so sweet at The Catholic Center? Come dressed up to have some fun and maybe scare a few people as well and pray that next year Paul does not come as the Joker again.


Come wearing a tacky sweater or come dressed up to the nines. Since we leave for winter break before Christmas and don't return until Ordinary Time, we actually hold our Christmas party in Advent (shhh... don't tell the Bishop!) We have a gift exchange and sometimes Santa comes for a visit!

Super Bowl

We love football and commercials, and the Super Bowl brings us both! We move our Masses on Super Bowl Sunday to 3PM, so you have no excuses not to come to our party! It doesn't matter who you will be rooting for, come for a good time. We will also be doing Super Bowl squares as a fundraiser this year, so keep an eye out for more details!

Easter Vigil Celebration

Have you heard the Good News? He is Risen! We're not sure if you know, but our Easter Vigil is kind of a big deal. At that Mass (April 19 at 8:30 PM in 2014), we welcome into the Church all those who have been preparing to become Catholic at the end of the Mass we throw a big shindig to celebrate!

Father Peter's Birthday

Facebook tells us that Fr. Peter's Birthday is August 22... but we in the Catholic Center know that this is just a farce. We know that whenever one or more CSA students gather (and especially go out to dinner) it is always Fr. Peter's birthday! So, pick a day, and celebrate!



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